Manas Chatterji Award

The annual “Manas Chatterji Award for Excellence in Research on Peace Economics and Peace Science” has been established in 2014.

The award goes to a scholar who distinguished herself or himself with her or his research activities in the domain of Peace Economics and Peace Science with specific regard to developing countries.

The winner is chosen by Prof. Manas Chatterji in consultation with the Steering Committee of the Network of European Peace Scientists.

Manas Chatterji is Professor of Management at Binghamton University. He is Guest Professor at Peking University, Honorary Visiting Professor at Central University of Finance and Economics of Beijing, China, and Honorary Distinguished Professor of Economics at the Poznan University in Poland.

Also, he is the General Editor of a book series on “Contributions to Conflict Management Peace Economics and Development” published by Emerald Publishing, U.K. He has authored/edited thirty books and published eighty articles.


Enzo Nussio, ETH Zurich.


Marijke Verpoorten, University of Antwerp.


Arzu Kibris, University of Warwick.


Vincenzo Bove, University of Warwick.


Tobias Böhmelt, University of Essex.


Raul Caruso, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart.