Organizations and Institutions

Peace Science Society: In the latest years, the Network of European Peace Scientists has grown under the sponsorship and in association with Peace Science Society (International). The Peace Science Society (International) is a an independent, non-profit organization which encourages the development of peace analysis and conflict management. It has been founded in 1963 by Walter Isard.

Economists for peace and security: Economists for Peace and Security is an organization of economists, other social scientists, and citizens concerned about issues of peace, conflict, war, and the world economy. Economists for Peace and Security works to promote non-military solutions to world challenges, and more broadly to work towards freedom from fear and want for all.

The institute for Economics and Peace: The Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) is an international research institute dedicated to building a greater understanding of the key drivers and measures of peace and to identifying the economic benefits that increased peacefulness can deliver. The Institute produces the Global Peace Index which is the first ever study to methodically rank the nations of the world by their peacefulness.

ISDC–International Security and Development Center. Policies for Peace and Prosperity: ISDC is a Berlin-based, non-for-profit research center conducting research, providing policy advice and building capacity on international security and socio-economic development. We are unique in the global research scene for being dedicated to work exclusively on the security-development nexus.

The Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University: The Department of Peace and Conflict Research conducts research and education on the causes, dynamics, and resolution of armed conflicts. In recent years the Department has grown rapidly, establishing itself as a major institution in the field. It is a young, vibrant and collegial research environment; home to the Uppsala Conflict Data Program (UCDP) and several internationally recognized researchers. The Department also houses a full range of educational programs (BA/MA/PhD), all taught in English and attracting talented students from around the world.

Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO): Founded in 1959, PRIO is one of the oldest peace research institutes in the world. Being an independent research institution, PRIO is known for its effective synergy of basic and policy-relevant research. In addition, PRIO conducts graduate training and is engaged in the promotion of peace through conflict resolution, dialogue and reconciliation, public information and policymaking activities. PRIO owns and hosts two leading peer-reviewed academic journals: Journal of Peace Research and Security Dialogue.

The Department of Development and Security, DIW Berlin : The German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin) is one of the leading economic research institutions in Germany. The Department of Development and Security conducts economic research on the causes, forms and effects of mass violent conflict. It also advances the agenda on how to measure conflict and violence, especially in micro-level surveys. The approach is to collect and analyze individual and household-level data to understand how people and groups respond to such extreme events and how these events shape welfare and livelihoods. The research group is moving towards studying disaggregated conflict event data and low intensity forms of violent conflict and violence in general. It also examines the perceptions of conflict and the effects of reconstruction and security policies on the economy, including in the context of terrorism.


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